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Our Complete Membership includes:

High Quality Literature Activities

  • Hand-picked "living" book titles, carefully vetted for their inspiring and positive messages 
  • Specially designed activities to bring key themes to life
  • Direct links to purchase digital or physical books

Nature Activities, Crafts & Games

  • Easy open-and-go activities to do anywhere outside
  • Cues to develop observation skills using all 5 senses 
  • Creative tasks
    to engage the natural world of plants, animals, seasons and more

Nutrition Topics & Recipes

  • A foundational nutrition concept simplified for kids
  • Easy suggestions to incorporate foods that reinforce the key concept
  • Family-friendly recipes that emphasize the concept to enjoy 

Parent Guides & Discussion Prompts

  • Thought-provoking family discussion questions on each book's key themes 
  • Tips for the field to help you become a better nature guide 
  • Ideas to teach the value of nutrition so they make different food choices